Siege of Limerick

Dance: "Siege of Limerick"
Song: "How Happy’s He", Henry Purcell (1695), originally from Joyful Cuckoldom, as republished in Purcell Playford and the English Country Dance vol. 2, Christine Helwig and Marshall Barron (1995)

Oh, how happy’s he, who from business free
Can enjoy his mistress, bottle and his friend.
Not confined to state, nor pride of the great,
Only on himself, not others doth depend.
Chance can never vex him, faction ne’er perplex him.
If the world goes well a bumper crowns his joy.
If it be not so, then he takes of two,
‘til suceeding glasses thinking doth destroy.

When his noodle reels, he to Celia steals,
And by pleasures unconfined runs o’er the night.
In the morning wakes, a pleading farewell takes,
Ready for fresh tippling, and for new delight.
When his table’s full, oh, then he hugs his soul
And drinking all their healths, a welcome doth express.
When the cloth’s removed, then by all approved,
Comes the full grace cup, Queen Anna’s good success.

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