Halfway ‘round the world

Halfway ‘round the world, 1999
Tunes: "Planxty Drew" and "Planxty Wilkerson", Turlough O’Carolan, as published in Miles Krassen, O’Neill’s Music of Ireland.)

(A = "Planxty Drew"; B = "Planxty Wilkerson")

Duple Minor Longways, Proper

A       Couple 1 cast below (couple 2 move up), half-gypsy to cross;
Couple 2 cast below (couple 1 move up), and half-gypsy to cross;
Couple 1 cast below (couple 2 move - sorta), half-gypsy in between Couple 2 to form center of a line of 4, Couple 2 on outside
[second lady, first gentleman, first lady, second gentleman];
Go forward a double in line, then fall back into set [Couple 2 are above but improper].
B       Set to neighbor, and turn two hands halfway;
Set to neighbor again, then turn two hands halfway again [turn in usual clockwise direction both times];
With partner, everyone back to back;
Couple 2 half figure 8 down through Couple 1 to progressed place.

Note: inspired by Johnny Cunningham’s recording both tunes back-to-back on Fair Warning.
Dance copyright © 1999 - 2004 Lise M. Dyckman.

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